Balance Financial Fitness Program

City of Boston Credit Union wants to help you be financially fit!  BALANCESM is a financial fitness program that empowers you to set financial goals, develop spending and savings plans or access financial counseling and begin a debt management program. Provided at no cost to City of Boston Credit Union members and City of Boston employees, BALANCE will help you get organized and connect with certified financial professionals.

Several features of BALANCE can help you design a financial strategy that allows you to reach your financial goals.

• Complimentary financial counseling and education, call 1-888-456-2227
• Free online debt management and budgeting tools
• Money Management Counseling
• Credit Report Review
• Housing Education Program

BALANCE also offers a variety of helpful complimentary toolkits to help you keep your finances in order.

To learn more, call 1-888-456-2227 or visit the BALANCE website.


Financial Education

Financial Education Video Series

City of Boston Credit Union financial educational videos were created to provide you a portfolio of self-contained lessons covering a wide range of topics. Learn and watch at your convenience and at your own pace with these informative lessons.

In-Person Financial Education Sessions

City of Boston Credit Union offers many complimentary forms of financial education. Traditional financial education services are available for classroom sessions, which are customized to the need of the audience.  We have visited many elementary, middle and high school classes, as well as, special programs at trade schools, community centers and transitional housing centers.  We are also available to speak with employees of any business in Middlesex, Norfolk or Suffolk County.  If you are interested in utilizing City of Boston Credit Union’s financial education services please contact Karla McCarron.

Financial Education Resources

There are also many websites that offer financial educations tools and resources for all ages, here are some suggestions: