It is with great pleasure that the 2017 Thomas P. Coyne Scholarship Committee announces this year's fifteen (15) winners of a $1,000 scholarship for the 2017/2018 school year.

2017 Scholarship Committee: James R. Driscoll, Coleman G. Flaherty, Matthew Moroney, Thomas J. Tinlin and Robert P. Walsh

Member Name Student
Pamela Robb Tyla Lambright
Kathryn Lazar Kathryn Lazar
Myrna Janvier Myrna Janvier
Cheryl Walsh Stevenson John Stevenson
Judith Moore Jamie Moore
Daniel Prioleau Crystal Gonzalez
Michael Gormley Katherine Gormley
Taina Gonzalez Taina Gonzalez
Paulette Sbardella Grace Higgins
Francis Armstrong, Jr. Melanie Armstrong
Michelle Deakin Adam Deakin
William McGovern Shannon McGovern
Rodney Redcross Layla Redcross
Judie Mercer Timahri Mercer
Mark Brathwaite Dashawn Brathwaite


Winners will be notified by mail with instructions on the
proper verification needed to receive their scholarship.