The Scholarship Committee of the City of Boston Credit Union - Timothy J. Smyth, Esq., Christopher "Tiger" Stockbridge, Cecil R. Jones, Stephen W. Green, and Kevin Linskey are happy to announce the 2022 winners of the annual Thomas P. Coyne Scholarship!


Member Name Student
Amidu Falade Ajibola Falade
Susanne Cunningham Ayla Smith
Jessie Jeune Julia Jeune
Deborah A. Banks Casey McManus
Rony Naccour Ryan Larrisa Naccour
Judith A. Pokaski Cate Healey
Debra Lynch Estes Sydney Estes
John T. Watts Gianna Lee DiTocco
Katherine M Blicker Michaela Marie Mahoney
Dolores H. Carter Jacinthe Marlow
Davetta Branch-Kenner Davetta Branch-Kenner
Mark Griffin Catherine Griffin
Tim Hallahan Riley Hallahan
John Manning Jillian Manning
Robert O Burns Jr. Jeremiah Burns


*Winners will be notified by mail with instructions on the proper verification needed to receive their scholarship.