Taxpayers have received their Economic Impact Payments (EIP or Stimulus Payment) in one of several ways, most commonly by direct deposit into their bank account on file with the IRS or a paper check.  However, some taxpayers are now receiving their EIP in the form of a debit card.  If you have received your EIP as a debit card, please click here for important information from the Federal Trade Commission on activating your card and accessing the funds on your card, which can be transferred to your bank account if you choose.

If you plan to transfer funds from your EIP card to your City of Boston Credit Union account you will need to have your CBCU account number handy and also the CBCU routing number which is 211080822.

Lastly, the IRS has shared that the EIP debit cards are being mailed in plain envelopes without any federal markings and some recipients have mistaken them for a solicitation offer and thrown them away.  If you believe you threw your EIP debit card away or it may have been lost or stolen you can get a free replacement by calling 800-240-8100 and select option 2 from the main menu.  You should be prepared to provide your Social Security Number if calling for a replacement EIP debit card.