Congratulations to our WINcentive® Savings winners for the month of March, each winner received a $25.00 cash prize!  Also, a special Congratulations to our first quarterly winner - Stephanie M. who won the first $250.00 cash prize!

If you want the chance to win prizes just for saving, check out our WINcentive Savings Prize-Linked Savings Account!

March 2019 Winners*:

Ryley M.
John M.
Shiela Ann P.
Eric C.
Salvatore L.
Karen R.
Constance M.
Queen I.
Torrence B.
David I.

*All winners will be notified via mail within 7-10 days

Past Winners:

January 2019:
Daniel M.
Karen O.
Leoutrah T.
John M.
Lizzette N.
Sheila P.
Carolyn B.
William M.
Katherine B.
and Joanne N.


February 2019:
Leoutrah T
Tehudis S
Sandra B
John C
Vernee P
Carolyn B
Anthony B
William M
Stephanie M
and Charles J